Saturday, February 28, 2015

San Diego Bound (CA)

View from Torrey Pines.

On February 12, I flew to the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, grabbed a car and headed off on a 10-day tour of S. Cal. My main objective was San Diego to see where my dad and Clarice used to tie up their schooner at Shelter Island. But I had plenty on my to-do list on the way there, beginning with a visit to Lake Elsinore, where my dad launched his first sailboat, a plywood 16-footer, in the early 1950s. From there, I took a spin around Fallbrook and found the old house where my grandparents lived for decades. I’d never been there before and was delighted to see the old house, though somewhat neglected now, still matched up perfectly with the old photos I had. I was too timid to knock on the door, so I stole a photo and was on my way. Feeling gaga from the warm sunshine, I raced over to the coast at San Elijo Beach to nab my reserved campsite before dark. After sunset, I waded in the surf a little, knowing how jealous Kris would be at such mischief, but alas, she had work and school commitments and could not join me for the trip. A few die-hard surfers stayed out so late you could hardly see them in the dusky light. Sure enough, more (or were they the same dudes?) were out there at dawn catching a wave in wetsuits.

Howdy pardner.

Lake Elsinore.

Finding Gramma.

Surfing in the dark.

San Elijo beach.

Torrey Pines.

Gazillion dollar view.

Rattlesnake under the rail, tracks from lower right.

Fun trail.

Hey ma, how do I get up there?

Brown pelican close-up.

May I help you?

The old coast highway.

San Diego is beyond the distant point.

Around DC

Eisenhower Office Building.
Woodrow Wilson Plaza.

William Tecumseh Sherman.

General Lafayette.

Baron von Steuben.

Major General Rochambeau.

Daughters of the American Revolution.

U.S. Park Police.

Lockkeepers house.

George Washington Memorial Pkwy and Mt. Vernon Trail.

Annapolis and Baltimore (MD)

Spent a day kicking around Annapolis and Baltimore at the end of January, including a stop at the Chesapeake Light Craft store where I lusted after a 12-foot plywood kayak I’d like to build. In Baltimore, we made it to Fells Point, fun area, good walking and early dinner.

Maryland State House (1772).

Fells Point, Baltimore.